Annual Ride For Murdered Women - 2022

Updated: Sep 24

On September 24th 2022, at 1pm, for the fourth year we will ride to honour the lives of the women murdered by men who were current or former intimate partners or family members.

The aim of the rides I undertake is to honour the lives of women murdered by men as a result of domestic abuse. To date I have ridden for 364 women, brutally stolen from their families and friends, by men who were current or former intimate partners or family members. Once a year I ask women to join me around the country to ride our bikes in honour of all the women listed below this blog post.

The "rules" are simple. You must be a woman, over 18 and wearing something red. I would ask that you carry the name of a murdered woman from the list below. Or that you carry all of the women's names if you prefer. We will all set off at 1pm on Saturday 24th September from wherever in the UK women are. There will be larger group rides in London and Manchester which you can join (details will be released closer to the time). But you can ride wherever you are with friends or on your own if you prefer.

Please post pictures of your ride and the woman's name using the hashtag #RideForMurderedWomen on whichever social media you use. The route is up to you including how far you ride. One mile is as good as fifty. It is the act of remembrance that counts. Please try to think of the woman or women as you ride and some of how she was killed if you can bear it. It is a tribute to our fallen sisters and an act of defiance against the men who keep killing women they know.

This is a female-only, adult event. Men, transwomen and children under 18 are not invited to join this ride, the specific aim is that women ride for women because it is women who have been murdered. I hope that this will be respected though it has not been in the past. Women are murdered by men, on average, in a domestic context, once every four days.

As in the past 3 years, all money raised will go to the Nia the women's service providing refuge and advocacy for some of the most vulnerable women in the UK. I choose Nia specifically because they provide a trauma-informed women's service, run by women and for women.

If you would like to donate in honour of the women murdered and to Nia please do it here.....

I am so grateful for any woman who feels she can ride for murdered women. It is an act of love for those women and it is also a political act. Helping other women survive men's violence against them is a feminist act and an act of love of women. This project is devoted to the women who didn't make it out alive and with love and hope for the women who we are determined to save. Thank you to everyone who rides and everyone who donates.

The names of the women we ride for are below. Remember them always.

Ride #1 Katrina O Hara - Stabbed to death by her ex husband outside her place of work as she closed the shop. He had lain in wait for her.

Ride #2 Georgina Symonds - strangled with twine after she "dumped" the man who repeatedly bought her body to use for sex and told her he loved her. Prostitutes lives matter too.

Ride #3 Lisa Jane Lyttle - strangled to death by her husband with a mobile phone cord. He was annoyed afterwards that he lost all his friends.

Ride #4 Andrea Lewis Stamped to death by her husband who then dragged her outside and left her to be found in the street half-naked with 41 different injuries. There was a history of him covering her in bruises.

Ride #5 Guida Rufino - had her throat slashed and was stabbed in the chest 4 times by an ex- partner she had told to leave. He tied up her friend who had come to help her so that she heard her best friend die, screaming and begging for her life.

Ride #6 Elidona Demiraj stabbed to death by her partner - neighbours heard her screaming and a loud thud.

Ride #7 Geraldine Newman - Beaten to death with a hammer whilst her children lay bleeding to death upstairs after her husband stabbed them.

Ride #8 Caroline Andrews - Strangled to death by her husband, who had defrauded her dementia suffering father out of more than £260,000. He then checked into a hotel room with a woman he intended to prostitute after buying knives, Prosecco and condoms. He lied to their 4 children about her death.

Ride #9 Bethany Hill - tortured by two men - one of whom was her ex-partner. They bound a Barbie Doll, supposed to resemble her, with duct tape just as they did her before repeatedly slashing her wrists as neighbours heard her screaming.

Ride #10 - Sheila Jefferson - brutally murdered by her brother-in-law. 17 blunt force injuries to her face and also shot in the face.

Ride #11 - For Kerry Gascoigne who was strangled to death by her partner.

Ride #12 - for Leanne Wall was head-butted and then strangled to death by her ex-partner

Ride #13 - for Maria Byrne whose husband doused her in white spirit and then turned the gas on so she caught alight. She lived for 30 minutes.

Ride #14 - for Rose Hill who was strangled to death by her grandson who also killed her daughter.

Ride #15 - for Julie Hill who was axed in the face, had her teeth punched out and was then drowned in the bath by her nephew who had also murdered her mother.

Ride #16 - For Lisa Reynolds - stabbed 17 times by her boyfriend as she begged him to stop because the knife was blunt as her children watched. She screamed "The knife is blunt! Stop it Baz."

Ride #17 - For Natasha Bradbury who was murdered by her ex who cracked her ribs, her neck, injured her brain and caused heart injuries.

Ride #18 for Julie Archer - doused in petrol and set alight by her brother. She told a nurse he did it just before she died.

Ride #19 For Gemma Stevens - her boyfriend stamped on her head 11 times, stabbed her and then set her house on fire.

Ride #20 for Dawn Green killed by her husband who then hanged himself.

Ride #21 for Carrie Ann Izzard who was fatally stabbed 29 times in the neck by her ex

Ride #22 for Lyndsey Smith – who was stabbed to death in the stomach by her ex who went off out having a nice time as she died after years of abuse.

Ride #23 for Lynn Freeman who was stabbed by her partner who murdered his ex partner, Jodie Betteridge, just minutes later.

Ride #24 for Jodie Betterridge who was stabbed 30 times in the head and 45 times in the torso – a total of 132 times altogether. The blade of the knife of the man’s knife broke off with the ferocity. He stabbed her on her front garden in front of her 3 children, one of whom ran around in the sun screaming and covered in her blood.

Ride #25 for Joanna Trojniak who was stabbed 6 times by a partner she was trying to leave. He than stabbed himself a tiny bit and ran into the street crying as an attempt to escape justice.

Ride #26 for Amina Begum who was killed by her son after “multiple incised wounds” according to the coroner.

Ride #27 for Natasha Sadler who was stabbed through the head and suffered other stab wounds after a man who lived in the same house was unhappy that she turned on a tap and his shower temperature changed.

Ride #28 for Laura Marshall who was murdered by her ex after months of abuse. He left her in a bath of her own blood, raped and covered in bruises.

Ride #29 for Tracy Cockrell whose partner strangled her and then set her on fire.

Ride #30 for Helen Bailey who was targeted during her grief for her dead husband and then manipulated by a new partner who then suffocated her and buried her in a cesspit under the garage – allowing police to search for her body for months. He killed her dog too and buried it alongside her.

Ride #31 for Leigh Ann Mahachi who was stabbed 40 times by her ex in the street outside her house. Her mother heard her screams as she died and came out to try to stop her blood with towels as her ex partner ran away.

Ride #32 for Jean Ryan who was stabbed to death by her husband.

Ride #33 for Nasreen Khan who was a care worker, stabbed to death with her 5 children in the house, because her husband did not like that she visited men as part of her job.

Ride #34 for Fay Daniels who was stabbed 17 times including 4 to her face, 8 to her neck and had 2 broken ribs. Her ex then dumped her in the back yard.

Ride #35 for Xin Xin Lei repeatedly stabbed by her husband.

Ride #36 For Louise O' Brien whose husband strangled her to death then left a heart-shaped chocolate on the pillow next to her dead body.

Ride #37 For Natalie Hemming whose husband found out she was going to leave him and beat her to death. Her 6 year old son crept out of bed and saw his mother during the murder but was frightened he would be told off. Her husband then dumped her body face down in a wood to be found 3 weeks later and took the children to the zoo.

Ride #38 For Iris Owens whose son strangled, kicked and slashed at her with a chainsaw as she hung out washing on the line in her garden.

Ride #39 For Becky Morgan who was on a date with a man who "allowed" her to fall into the sea without raising the alarm or helping as she drowned. He went off to the pub instead.

Ride #40 for Maria Mbombo whose husband stabbed her to death after an internet search for "the most painful place to stab someone".

Ride #41 for Marina Erte beaten severely by her jealous ex who then drowned her by holding a shower attachment to her face.

Ride #42 for Marina Nolan whose ex slashed her throat and strangled her with a TV flex. He put their 2 year old son out into the street to wander then returned with 3 knives and stabbed her to death leaving her to be found by her other son. (Marina was murdered in 2002 but I was asked by her friend to honour her death)

Ride #43 For Sonita Nijhawan whose husband axed her in the head 40 times and also stabbed her 78 times because she wanted a divorce. She took her rings off the day before and he replaced them after she was dead. He was jailed for manslaughter because "depressed" but not too depressed and "out of control" to search "softest part of the human female skull" the day before.

Ride #44 for Dawn Rhodes. Her husband was cleared of murder. I've included her in this list because he slashed her throat. He had been stalking her, checking her phone and Facebook and found she was seeing another man. He had harassed her and her friends via Facebook posts from a fake profile. It is sad that she was the one labeled "unstable" and he walked free.

Ride #45 for Andrena Douglas - police arrived to tell her her partner was injured in a caravan fire- only to find her murdered.

Ride #46 for Karen Hales - bludgeoned to death with a hammer by her daughter's ex-partner. He raped and murdered her daughter Jade at the same time.

Ride #47 for Jade Hales - ex- partner broke in and raped her, murdered her and then also murdered her mother and dog.

Ride #48 for Keziah Flux-Edmunds - aged 6. Killed by her father to torture her mother, his estranged wife. He drowned Keziah and her pet dogs and lay them all on the bed for her mother to find alongside a letter which said " You've taken everything and I will leave you with just memories."

Ride #49 for Helen Fraser - stabbed multiple times by her partner in front of her daughter as neighbours heard her screaming.

Ride #50 for Jean Irwin whose husband hit her with a hammer as she slept and then strangled her.

Ride #51 for Nijole Sventeckiene whose partner slit her throat with a single 5 inch long incision and left her naked crying for help.

Ride #52 for Agnieszka Szymura who was stabbed by her partner 30 times as neighbours watched. There was evidence of past abuse and injuries.

Ride #53 for Sandra Gill. There was clear evidence of past abuse at the hands of her husband and yet a coroner could not be certain that her severe head injury was inflicted by him. He said she may have "fallen off the toilet". Grown women can sit on toilets. And beds. Even when drunk.

Ride #54 for Sarah Nash who was strangled by her ex-partner who was allowed to walk free just months before to attend a "relationship course".

Ride #55 was for Jules Parkin who was killed this year. It was so shocking to know that her class would be going into school to hear that their teacher had been murdered. I included her at the request of a friend but will also ride for her again.

Ride #56 Alison Muncaster shot by her husband as she sat on the sofa.

Ride #57 for Emma Baum whose ex-partner battered her to death with a crowbar and then urged her mother to come and "find her" with him.

Ride #58 for Claire Hart shot by her husband days after she left him. He left a note "revenge is a dish best served cold" he also shot her daughter alongside her after lying in wait for them. He reloaded his gun between rounds.

Ride #59 for Charlotte Hart whose father shot her alongside her mum because her mum had left him days before. His note also said "Karma is a bitch". Charlotte's last words were "It was my dad who shot me". Brave to the last.

Ride #60 for Tracey Gabriel who was stabbed repeatedly by a male "friend" who also stabbed another friend of hers.

Ride #61 for Samia Shahid whose ex-husband raped her and strangled her as he disapproved of her second marriage. Her father assisted him.

Ride #62 for Nicola Haworth suffocated by her ex-partner who left her 9 month old baby screaming in the house beside her body.

Ride #63 for Lenuta Iona Haidemac - prostituted by her partner to another man who raped and murdered her. He strangled her, stabbed her twice, punctured her nipples and wrote a name on her body.

Ride #64 for Margaret Mayer whose husband bludgeoned her to death with a lamp.

Ride #65 for Hannah Pearson whose partner strangled her to death after watching porn. She did not consent to the porn-influenced "sex" either the judge found.

Ride #66 for Gergana Prodanova murdered by her ex-partner who was furious that she refused to go back to him and was beginning a new relationship. He put her naked body in a suitcase and dragged it through the town centre before dumping her to decompose beside a railway line. She had endured years of abuse.

Ride #67 for Lynne Braund who had a deep fear of fires. Her 18 month old daughter had died in a house fire in 1990 and she still suffered the trauma of that when her ex-partner squirted her with lighter fluid and set her on fire. Then left as she burned.

Ride #68 for Donna Williamson whose boyfriend accused her of sleeping with other men so he stabbed her in the heart and lung. She had tried to call the police and he could be heard screaming "You are dying. You are dying mate. Your life is slipping away from you. What you done to me you c*nt, you f*cking deserve it."

Ride #69 for Xixi Bi beaten to death by her partner. She had 41 injuries including a broken jaw and ribs. Paramedics found her body so bruised they thought it was a result of her being dead for days not hours.

Ride #70 for Jean Constant asphyxiated with a plastic bag by her husband .

Ride #71 for Karen Arnold was murdered by her husband who stabbed her multiple times.

Ride #72 for Alison Jane Farr-Davies beaten to death by her boyfriend and thrown downstairs naked. Her body was hit with such force that there was a penetrating cardia injury - similar injuries are only seen in war as a result of shrapnel, grenades, mortar bombs and explosions.

Ride #73 for Hayley Dean whose partner bludgeoned her to death with a lump hammer and then slept next to her body. He put her head under the pillow. When she was found she had a cigarette in her mouth and a lighter in the other hand.

Ride #74 for Elizabeth Bowe whose brother murdered her because she was going to accuse him of rape. She was found with a dressing gown around her neck and naked from the waist down as he sat close by smoking a cigarette.

Ride #75 for Melinda Korosi whose ex-partner raped her 3 times before gouging a hole in her neck with a sharpened rock. Police deemed her high risk after she had recently accused him of rape.

Ride #76 for Nasreem Buksh whose estranged husband bashed her skull in as she slept. The children reported that he never spoke to her and hadn't for years.

Ride #77 for Natasha Wake whose partner stabbed her 11 times with an 8 inch knife. He stabbed her with such force that 6 of the wounds went through her torso and out of her back. He then wrapped her in a duvet and put her under the stairs telling her daughter that the blood on the walls was ketchup. He was unhappy that she had found out he was being investigated for sexual assault.

Ride #78 for Jaqueline Pattenden whose partner stabbed her to death through her chest in his home.

Ride #79 for Mandy Gallear whose husband stabbed her as she unloaded the dishwasher because she had told him she was leaving him

Ride #80 for Vicky Bance whose husband saw her talking to another man so he stabbed her 23 times with a commando knife. She had 16 stab wounds to her chest, 14 deeply penetrating her heart and both lungs and any one of them could have been fatal with the maximum depth of one wound being 20cm.

Ride #81 for Sophie Smith whose boyfriend beat her for 4 hours breaking 11 of her ribs, her eye socket and her nose.

Ride #82 for Alice Ruggles who was stalked increasingly and relentlessly before eventually being stabbed to death by an ex partner who had already terrorised and abused her. She felt "palmed off" by police. He eventually broke in to her home and slashed her throat from ear to ear. He stabbed her at least 6 times. Even as he waited to murder her he was on his phone arranging a Tinder date for afterwards.

Ride #83 for Lucy Jones murdered by ex partner in a sustained and brutal attack with a total of 90 separate injuries.

Ride #84 for Belen Tripp whose husband stabbed her 24 times with some of those wounds 14cm deep and damaging her shoulder blades with the ferocity.

Ride #85 for Deeqa Ibrahim who kindly visited her ill husband before he returned to Somalia. He grabbed her and locked them both in the bathroom where he began stabbing her to death.

Ride #86 for Rebecca Johnson stabbed to death by her boyfriend who escaped and pretended to be suffering from hypothermia.

Ride #87 for Linda Ordinans was found murdered after her husband called police to report her murder shortly before killing himself.

Ride #88 for Andraya Webb told her boyfriend on a night out that their relationship was over after he had been violent towards her too many times. She assured friends it would be ok for her to go home even after he had become aggressive. Her ex returned and broke into her home. He hit her with an iron. He stamped on her face so hard he left a boot mark. He poured paint down her throat and put gas canisters between her thighs before setting her on fire. She had 45 different injuries and was breathing when she was set alight. He said "Some of us have angels and some of us have demons. Tonight the demons won."

Ride #89 for Umida Eshboboeva strangled to death by her husband just before Christmas. Always an enhanced period of risk for victims.

Ride #90 for Angela Best was murdered by a man at his home. Few other details are available.

Ride #91 for Claire Paton was beaten to death by her ex-partner - the excuse offered was that he had tinnitus. He also attacked her son with a nail gun after throttling her. No excuse is acceptable for killing a woman. Not even poorly ears.

Ride #92 for Hayley Wall who was lured into a "relationship" with her abusive uncle. He then murdered her because she refused to sexually touch him in public in front of her friends. He smashed her skull in with a television.

Ride #93 for Nicola Woodman murdered on Christmas Day 2016 by her partner who stabbed her in the chest. He also battered her with a pickaxe handle. A judge told him "You are not ill. You are wicked."

Ride #94 for Tracy McPartland beaten to death over a 2 day period by her son who had history of abusing her. She had a total of 29 separate injuries. The judge said "she simply took the beating and did not seek help". No woman expects the child they give birth to will one day beat the life from them. It is the ultimate betrayal.

Ride #95 for Nicola Beck husband murdered her with a massive head wound + 10 other scalp wounds over money/divorce

Ride #96 for Kerri McCauley beaten to death by ex who broke her phone so she couldn’t call help +her mother to find

Ride #97 for Victoria Shorrock - killed with cut to back of Head +significant bruises - partner jailed for “assault"

Ride #98 for Kulwinder Kaur stabbed 3 times in the neck until dead by jealous ex-husband - murder is dark + cold

Ride #99 for Kiran Daudia whose ex husband murdered her, stuffed her in a suitcase and left her in an alleyway

Ride #100 for Amandeep Kaur whose partner feared she would leave him so he slashed her neck before she was able to.

Ride#101 for Anita Downey whose partner slit her throat in front of his own son who then had to call 999.

Ride #102 for Chrissy Kendall - strangled to death by controlling ex partner who left her body for her son to find

Ride #103 for Gillian Zvomuya husband struck her 40 times in her car inc with axe. Then drove body to Lidl car park

Ride #104 for Anne Forneaux who was murdered by her husband who battered her around the head with a hammer and stabbed her in the neck.

Ride #105 for Tina Billingham stabbed through heart +liver with sword stick by partner who dumped her body in GP’s

Ride #106 for Hannah Dorans whose ex partner allegedly raped her and then strangled her. He also sent messages to her parents via Facebook causing them distress. He had behaved in an abusive and threatening way towards her before the alleged murder.

Ride #107 for Catherine Kelly - murdered by her son who doused her in petrol and set her on fire

Ride #108 for Karina Batista-partner stabbed her through the eye, cut her throat, stabbed her in the heart+lungs

Ride #109 in fog again for Humara Khan - husband bludgeoned her to death with a hammer for not making him a meal. I hope every meal from now on tastes like death. I hope he vomits often. I hope he dies hungry

Ride #110 for Hazel Wilson-Briant stabbed to death by partner in front of kids screaming for someone to call 999.

Ride #111 for Margaret Stenning stabbed to death by her husband in Spain where they had retired. Abusive men often isolate their victims by moving them to a home away from family and friends.

Ride #112 for Avis Addison suffocated by her husband who refused all help for her during her descent into dementia

Ride #113 for Beverley Hudson - stabbed by ex partner 22 times. He broke 2 knives and stabbed her daughter 5 times

Ride #114 for Sarah Pitkin. Husband stabbed her in the neck multiple times - after previous abuse suspected

Ride #115 for Justene Reece who killed herself as a result of an ex’s obsessive stalking and coercive control

Ride #116 today for Anne-Marie James stabbed in the chest until dead by her brother who also stabbed their mum

Ride #117 for Sabrina Mullings whose partner stabbed her through the heart and liver after asking her to marry him

Ride #118 for Vikki Hull strangled to death by father of her child in her father’s home.

Ride #119 for Kanwal Bernice also as I miscounted. It is unclear exactly how she was murdered as her husband had placed her in a storage room wrapped in cloth with a bin liner over her feet. She had been there up to 14 days when found.

Ride #120 for Carolyn Hill - punched in face by boyfriend resulting in brain haemorrhage - he got drunk +bragged

Ride #121 for Katrina Evemy stabbed +bitten to death by jealous boyfriend who left her toddler covered in her blood

Ride #122 for Megan Bills. New “boyfriend” strangled her acting out a snuff fantasy then wrapped her in cling film

Ride#123 for Karolina Chwiluk -

Ex-Boyfriend stabbed her 26 times in the face +neck cos she was dating a friend

Extra Ride #124 for Tara Newbold whose partner was, unfathomably, disgustingly, not charged with murder. Her family seek justice.

Ride #125 for Jane Sherratt beaten to death with a training weight by husband - she lived 17 weeks before dying

Ride #126 for Tracy Kearns-husband inflicted 40 separate injuries, strangled, smothered and dumped her in a trailer

Ride #127 For Megan Bannister

Extra ride #33 for unnamed woman bullied to take her own life by vile rapist. She cannot be named as her anonymity is protected so I called her Ms Sheffield as that is where she was killed.

Ride #128 for Sinead Wooding- Was stabbed multiple times and hit repeatedly with a hammer by her husband. He then attempted to burn her body before dumping it in a wood to be found. He had been harassing another woman just days before and was a serial abuser.

Ride #129 for Concepta Leonard stabbed to death by partner who also stabbed her son. She had a non-mol order

Ride #130 for Gemma Leeming whose partner strangled her to death and wrote “no brain” on her face in mascara. He desecrated her body+wrote on her in her own blood so that it would look like he was having a psychotic episode

Ride #131 for Emma Day. Ex partner stabbed her repeatedly over child maintenance as she took her kids to school.

Ride #132 for Sobhia Khan murdered by partner of just a few weeks - he had previously set a woman on fire in 2010

Ride #133 for Arena Saeed and her children. Husband suffocated her and drowned her 2 children

Ride #134 for domestic violence worker Alyson Watt stabbed in neck repeatedly by ex - he also attacked her son

Ride #135 for Sarah Jeffery -was planning to leave husband when he choked her+strangled with hair straightener cord

Ride #136 for Jean Chapman. Husband battered her over the head with a vase made by her son. Then strangled her.

Ride #137 for Molly McLaren who ended a relationship-always the most dangerous time for women with abusive men.

Ride #138 for Vera Savage - aged 89 was found stabbed to death and her son found alongside her. Police said she was murdered but he was not. They weren't looking for anyone else. Why on Earth can they not just admit when men murder women? It is not unusual on these lists to find sons are the murderers and it is the ultimate betrayal.

Ride #139 for Celine Dookhran uncle slit her throat after kidnapping and raping her.

Ride #140 for Olivia Kray whose father strangled her and then went to kill her mother -but failed.

Ride #141 for Betty Jordan - murdered by her estranged husband who drove to her home and stabbed her to death because he thought she was having an affair. Reports focus on the fact that he was wrong. Firstly, a woman who is not in a current relationship cannot be "unfaithful" to a man she has split from. Secondly - infidelity is still not a reason to murder a woman. Men do not own women.

Ride #142 for Leanne Collopy whose ex stabbed her to death +set her house in fire with her 2 yr old daughter inside

Ride #143 for Rikki Lander - husband read a text and was jealous so beat her round the head and strangled her. He then hanged himself leaving their 3 kids in the house

Extra Ride #144 at the request of friends of Shabnam Bhardwaj who was murdered a few days ago in Himachal Pradesh in ‪#India by her husband who it is alleged hung her body to look like suicide. The police initially didn’t act

Ride #145 for Hannah Cohen - Murdered by her brother who suspected he had been cut out of the family will and business. Men cannot murder women who don't do what they want even if they are family.

Ride #146 for Leah Cohen whose son allegedly stabbed her to death because annoyed about a family will. He also allegedly murdered his sister.

Ride #147 for Beryl Hammond murdered by her son after many violent assaults reported and sadly retracted. He broke 10 ribs and left her to decompose - the pain of love she must have felt for a son who finally killed her.

Ride #148 for Asiyah Harris. Her ex-partner stabbed her 3 times in the neck finally severing an artery. He had arranged for her 2 children to be out of the house.

Ride #149 for Jessica King. Jealous ex partner strangled her to death with her children in the house. He told her “if I can’t have you no one can!” Many women will recognise this phrase. Other women. Fear it.

Extra Ride #150 for Rac